Why us?

Internet Zoo offers excellent personalized service where each partner is looked upon as an individual. You can correspond via skype, email or direct phone with our Partner manager. There is no cost and your potential for revenue is unlimited!

We offer:

  • Generous commissions
  • Real-time statistics (keep track of the money you are making via our Partner site)
  • Monthly payouts
  • New campaigns constantly being added
  • A host of banners to use on your website

International campaigns

Internet Zoo offers campaigns in the United Kingdom, Ireland, France and Scandinavia. We offer welcome gifts highlighting the most popular products of world renowned brands.

High commission

Internet Zoo offers Cost per Action (CPA) at competitive rates. We cut out the middleman to ensure that our partners will earn the maximum amount possible.

High conversion

Internet Zoo has dedicated landing pages for each campaign, which are focused on improving conversion rates with exciting designs and generous welcome gifts.

Many new campaigns

We are constantly adding exciting new campaigns in each country. You can always keep updated on new campaigns and offers to keep your revenue flowing.

  • Many new campaigns!

  • Real-time statistics!

  • Monthly payouts!

  • Skype contact!

  • Unlimited revenue potential!

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