About us


Internet Zoo ApS was established in 2015. Our group of companies develop a set of products aimed at entertaining people. Through planning, design and programming, we deliver a diverse range of online websites and services, such as lottery, dating, skill games and e-commerce. We hold offices in Denmark and Ukraine with a dedicated team of employees who speak eight different languages.

Internet Zoo Partners

With the increasing number of platforms, concepts, campaigns, countries and more, we recently added / re-named our principle platform and affiliate network, to better suit our current and future needs - Internet Zoo Partners (or IZP in short). IZP promotes and delivers high quality performance marketing material to affiliates around the world, from and to, our own product-line as well as external advertisers.

Mission statement

"Serving the highest performing global campaigns and extensive knowledge, support and benchmarking, helping you reach your goals increasing your revenue stream. As an Advertiser, Affiliate and Network, we are your expert partner in any aspect of performance marketing."

Thank you
Kim Bengtsen, CEO